Hunter Structures

Hunter Structures, Inc. was formed in Los Angeles in 1964 to produce pre-fabricated metal commercial buildings.1 Hunter Structures, Inc. and Hunter Engineering Company were subsidiaries of American Metal Climax, Inc. (AMAX).2 Hunter Engineering Company was in the business of designing and processing equipment for the aluminum industry3 and was founded in 1935 by Joseph L. Hunter.4

In 1970, Hunter Structures, Inc. created a recreation division in Chatsworth, California which manufactured the Compact Jr. and the early production of Compact II.

RV Dealer magazine, October 1972

Joseph G. Heath was president of the recreation division of Hunter Structures. Lawrence Lynwood “Bud” Jellerson was vice-president, and Valere “Val” Tardif was plant superintendent.

When Hunter Structures, Inc. was formed in 1964, it absorbed the personnel of a company named Caine-Perlin.

New York Times, November 18, 1964

Caine-Perlin was formed in 1963 to specialize in the design and fabrication of steel components for the construction industry.5 In 1964 Caine-Perlin was designing and building car washes in California.6 Bernard Perlin was the president of the firm when it was absorbed by Hunter Structures, Inc. In 1971, one year after the creation of the recreation division of Hunter Structures, Bernard Perlin became the director of Hunter Industries.

In February 1973, Hunter Structures, Inc. was acquired by Hanna Industries of Portland, Oregon. Hanna Industries was a car wash equipment manufacturing company. Daniel C. Hanna registered the trademark in 1974 for use in the business of prefabricated car wash buildings.

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